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La Belle Hélène casting complete

25th February 2019 by No comments yet

Casting is now complete for our 2019 production of La Belle Hélène. Role Actor Hélène Rebecca Chellappah Paris Thomas Edmonds Menelaus Graham Billing Agamemnon Timothy Allan Calchas Matthew Deering Orestes Clare Daly Achilles Julian Fox Ajax I Steve Harris Ajax II Saul Formoso Bacchis Ethel-Jane Cormack Parthenis Katharine Billington Leona Heather Ashford Philocomos Charlotte Monk

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L’homme à la pomme

12th February 2019 by No comments yet

Written by Graham Billing, co-director of La Belle Hélène. After some general pieces about La Belle Hélène and its creators, I’m very pleased to say that this latest report is more specifically about Bristol Opera’s own current production, which is now up and running and being energetically rehearsed. Last week we concentrated on the Finale

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