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Review of our production of the Merry Wives of Windsor

23rd February 2024 by

The NODA Review: by Debi Weaver

Bristol Opera is a member of the National Operatic and Dramatic Association.

“The lighting design was extremely effective, vibrant, and colourfu.l”

“All the Principal performances were very strong with some stunning vocals.”

“The space was very well utilised, with all possible entrances and exits used to maximum effect.”

About the principals:

Mrs Ford and Mrs Page “[gave a] very strong comedic performances with great physicality and facial expressions”

The role of Falstaff was a “performance of a bumbling, sleazy, larger than life character [which] made me laugh out loud at points”

Mr Ford “demonstrated the jealousy and inner turmoil of this character well”

The Chorus and young elves “were all played with enthusiasm, showing their individual characters. I really liked all the activity in the Overture, and in the pub, lots to see and lots of individual stories going on. A highlight for me was seeing the youngsters fully incorporated into the production, so focused and clearly loving every minute. Their individual moments when tormenting Falstaff in Act 3 were great.”